Damascus, Syria



Mohammed bader Koujan

Certified Master Trainer

ID: 24427


NLP , Management & Leadership , Self Development , Banking and Insurance...

Certified Master Trainer

Brief Biography

  • Master in International Economics and Finance, Degree of excellence, University of Rome, Italy.
  • Higher Diploma in Financial Markets, the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences.
  • Diploma in Project Management, Degree of excellence.
  • Providing more than 25 Lectures on Economy and International Trade Topics on several occasions.
  • Deputy Director of International Relations for Organizations, Developed Countries and Studies at the Ministry of Economy and Trade

Upcoming Events

ID Course name Start date City Fees
970 Professional Mini - MBA 2021-06-15 Damascus Contact us register
1375 Human Recourses Specialist 2021-06-30 Damascus Contact us register
1 Neuro Linguistic Programming 2021-06-27 Damascus Contact us register
907 Project Management Professional Diploma 2021-06-30 Damascus Contact us register
883 Human Resources Diploma 2021-06-22 Damascus Contact us register
1199 Master Feasibility Studies 2021-07-07 Damascus Contact us register